Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Pain and Suffering

Week by week...day by day...hour by hour...so life goes on.  That 'life' however, is very painful for some.  How can the words of an untrained man, though, make any difference to them that suffer?  Hmm...

I cannot live life by the way I 'feel.'
I must press onward lest 'success' conceal!
The One Who holds me firmly in His hand
knows how I feel and says 'I understand.'
That's why His hands, for they are healing so;
and His healing touch I confidently know!
For when I am not myself He reaches out
and speaks healing so that I am not without!!
No medicine to work as well at all
as the Blood of Christ on which I call!
His love--it understands EACH way I feel,
and so does He respond to each appeal
helping us to rise above the 'feeling,'
lest our emotions and our lives go reeling!

Yes, there is One Who completely understands.
And perfect healing flows from His commands!
And even when I press on through the pain
He makes sure that there is something that I gain!

Are there times that you feel you're unheard?
The task too great?  The pain that is occurred?
Know this: you are not in that pain alone!
For it is felt all the way up to His Throne!
And His Blood--it has already been applied,
for your healing is complete and not denied!
Press on, though, it may not be manifested yet;
He's vowed great rewards and, His victories, you'll get!

Yes, this IS written from experience.  I have suffered and He has healed me.  I am suffering again, but He has not healed me yet.  That does not change the Truth of His Word that 'I am healed!'  For such ups and downs will be until the Trumpet sounds.  For THEN, in That Place, there will be no more pain, suffering or trials.  All will be perfect AT THAT TIME!

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