Tuesday, June 8, 2021

'Ouita Busby'

That may be just a name to most, even a foreign name, but it is a beautiful name to me, one I have known for over 60 years now.  Mom has been in Heaven for several years now, and today is her birthday!  Though some would argue she is no longer with us, I beg to differ!

"We miss you more than ever, mother.
Where have gone the days...
We miss your fellowship, your cooking,
all your unique ways!
We miss that heart that always listened
and figured out a way...
most of all, we miss your presence
and the love such to convey!
However, we have memories,
recipes and such;
and that which will not ever end:
your precious love and touch!
The same to shape our lives each day,
affecting all we do.
Mine accolades for touching lives
attribute I to you!
The way you raised your children, even
through your great career...
the way you treated 'customers,'
I yet consider dear!
For such has put me where I am
in service and in life,
and, along with Father God,
has gotten me through strife!

Today, it is your birthday, mom,
we celebrate you yet,
thanking God for all the years
that we shall not forget!
The lessons, adages and wisdom,
from you, we obtained--
every one who knew your heart,
the very same, has gained!"

All the richer be them that can relate to these words!  Mother, somehow, had an answer or solution to anything that rose up or encountered us.  All the richer be THIS man for yet containing the memories I have of her.  
'Thank You, Father, for blessing life with Ouita Busby!'


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