Friday, June 18, 2021

NOT 'just another day!'

I got to work this morning, sat down to breakfast with my beautiful wife, and noticed a blond lady in my kitchen that I hadn't seen for quite awhile.  When she got free, I motioned her over and asked who she was and what she was doing 'down here.'  
"Haven't you heard?' she asked.  Steve was having heart problems and was flown to St. Louis."  My heart sunk!  Steve is a year younger than I, and he was involved in getting me the job I have 30 years ago this month!
I thank God daily for Steve, and I dedicate these words to him...

"The very first memory I have of you
is your infectious smile!
The laugh you have is genuine,
and stays with us awhile!
The care you take of your employees
goes so far beyond;
and, of your ethics and attention,
we have grown so fond!

You are MORE than just a 'supervisor'
over many stores,
you are a friend with a giant heart
from which much good outpours!
To know that heart is damaged and
you're absent for a spell,
is oh so very hard to grasp--
emotion to compel!

BUT GOD, He's going to see you through,
whatever time will take;
and, memories, but once again,
together we will make!
Get well, my brother.  Savor rest,
recuperate at will;
when you are ready, we will be here
waiting for you still!"

Steve, I want the world to know: I LOVE YOU, MY BROTHER!  Your personality and techniques are one of a kind, and we are so very fortunate that God saw fit to bind our lives together...and that 'togetherness' cannot come soon enough! 

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