Thursday, June 10, 2021

Many ways to God?

I am often amazed at the way God reaches people, turns them around and changes their entire life!  He does it in ways that only HE can, and every person's 'route' may differ... but they all going through Jesus Christ!

"You found me in a desperate place.

You brought abundant love and grace!
You knew where I was all along,
yet patient, You--I NOW BELONG!
You did not come with 'discipline,'
You came with love and how to win!
And, at that point EACH man must face,
You gave of Your amazing grace!

No man can say that 'God' he's 'found,'
You're omnipresent--all around!
At any time of day at all
all one must do is simply call
and You are right there when they do
with healing, grace, peace, life anew!
There is no 'finding' to be found
save each new day Your gifts abound!"

'Born again--' no greater gift!!
Each facet of life does it lift
as Christ, the Truth, the Life, the Way
becomes afresh with each new day!
Know Him as Savior, Lord and Friend.
His Presence will not ever end!
And become even more alive--
He 'found' me and now I greatly thrive!!

Are these words familiar to YOU?  It is certainly my prayer that they are!  If not, just call out to Jesus, tell Him that you're a sinner in need of a Savior.  Give your heart to Him and life will NEVER be the same!

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