Monday, June 7, 2021

His Voice

The voice of God is so real, so evident in this life.  It is heard in so many different forms to the ones that pay attention.  The world would surely attempt to drown Him out.  DON'T LET IT!

"Good morning, awesome Father!
What a glory day You've made!
The rising sun illuminates
and lengthens all the shade
that the happy trees create,
and joy abounds in song
emanating from the lands
that, unto You, belong!
And from those upon the wing
on feeders. on the ground;
Your voice resounds 'Good morning, y'all!'
with such a priceless sound!"

His voice is very evident
to them that tune the ear,
them that use the eyes and other
senses for to hear!
So wealthy be the ones that know
His Presence in such ways,
as mighty blessings they to know
that generate His praise!

Know His voice!  Know that great cause to exalt Him and glorify His Name!  The sources are many to the ones who take time to listen!  GOD IS SO GOOD!


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