Saturday, June 19, 2021

Finally, Competition!

Life is serious.  Life is often trying.  Life is definitely hard.  However, God knows all this, and He provides opportunities for us to take our minds off of this life for a season and enjoy.  That said, here come the Olympics!!

Finally, some normalcy--
provided by, of all things, SPORTS!
The world--it gathers once again
and, to the games, resorts!
To take our minds off issues that
have plagued for over a year;
a blest break from 'reality--'
it finally is here!

A variety of athletes...
a variety of sports!
Unto every appetite the 
Olympic Games resorts!
A necessary respite from
the times that we've been through!
So welcome and refreshing watching
competition's hue!

We pray for every athlete, every
coach, each family.
We have endured so very much,
and welcome, it is to see
a competition, a congregation
in a single place!
For such be only possible
by God the Father's grace!

Yes, too long has it been since we have see a 'competition' and be able to root for the home team!  Whether you are a sports fan or not, this is a wonderful opportunity to observe and enjoy something other than '...the same old, same old!' 


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