Thursday, June 24, 2021

Certain Assurance!

Yes, there is such thing...even in THIS life!  It takes effort to see and know, but it is certainly a necessity these days!

There is an assurance and
a hope that is so real;
it comes from God alone and,
unto ALL, does it appeal!
It so provides a peace that not
a person can explain;
and, fortunate and blessed be all
that, such a peace, contain!
It is provided as this life
gets complicated so.
Success brings notoriety and,
sometimes, frustrations grow.
Few seem there to listen or
to try and understand--
and it is at those times when God
holds out His mighty hand!
He has words that are comforting,
He has a firm embrace,
and, unto them that see this not,
we need to have great grace!
For the stress--it is so very real,
and it strikes without note.
Are YOU going to be there for me
when such words I have wrote?
For far much closer than you think be those
who cannot see The Light
that God Himself put here to help us
make it through that night!

Yes, there IS an assurance.  Can I
help YOU find it, friend?
I will stay beside you 'til
the darkness comes to end.
Together, we will celebrate
the victory of His Light!
Open up.  For I am here
to help you in this fight!

You know who you are.  I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and you don't have to go through this alone!  Even though you cannot see them right now, better days are just ahead.  Please don't give up!

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