Sunday, June 6, 2021

All in HIS Time

Ahhh...lean back, relax and breathe.  Those events that are coming up are all planned out, you got the time off from work and reservations have been made and paid for.  And then the phone rings...

Plans get cancelled without notice,
out of our control;
some of them of great import!
How, then, to console?
Even that planned months ago
be changed just hours before!
Disappointment surely is,
but, hey, there will be more!
The key is how we handle such
and how we each react.
A toll upon emotions, 
such events, they can exact!
BUT GOD, He sees beyond at all
that we cannot yet know;
therefore, with plans of every kind,
unto Him should we go!
For He can help us through those times
that just may not work out
and He provides encouragement 
that such WILL come about--
all in HIS time, not our own,
and, His, we fathom not;
just make sure faith unwavering,
in HIS plans, we have got!

Yes, plans made certain in our minds
can change upon a whim!
Therefore, it is of most import
to be secure in Him!
For He contains all life and time
and NOTHING is unknown.
Cast your trust upon His ways
because you are His Own!

God knows it ALL.  The what, the where and the when are already settled.  And if we are settled with Him, the bumps and detours upon the way will not be so unsettling.


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