Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Paul tells us in Ephesians chapter 6 to 'stand in His full armor and, having done all, to stand.'  God had Paul write that to us because He knew there would be days in our lives when that would be the hardest thing to do!

"You make our strength to multiply
O God, when ours is spent;
You make this man courageous when
the foe will not relent;
Your victory, it girds all men
in, around and all about;
You silence idle chatter with
a song and with a shout!

We are not without, as You,
our Lord and Savior, are!
You take care of our every need,
and NEVER from afar!
You be our lone Defender when
the challenges arise,
even in the court of law,
beside us, ever-wise!
And even in the 'every-day,'
whatever task at hand,
there You are, providing strength
and wisdom on demand!

As folks approach throughout the day,
we take care of the need,
and, should the cause arise, You're there
to always intercede
with wisdom far beyond our own,
advice too deep for man...
a smile...a laugh...a warm embrace...
for such I cannot plan!
But I can sure depend on You
to know what will be next;
the same--it keeps contemporaries
marveled and perplexed!

You multiply our strength...
You make our funds have length...
You cause us to touch all...

Yes, the days that are.  We need Jesus Christ throughout these days more than ever, and His Presence is constantly about us!  NEVER FORGET THAT!


Monday, June 28, 2021

The Loving Father

The days are long.  The days are busy.  The days are, sometimes, dangerous.  BUT GOD sees to it that we arrive at the end of the day accomplished and in one piece.  That's because He is THE Loving Father!

There is a time and place where are

no rules or regulation;
there is no thing there for to fear
or cause us trepidation;
no 'virus' or disease to fear
there in that Perfect Place;
Christ the King protects us there,
them that are saved by grace!

We press on until that day ahead
with necessary care;
reaching out with love and grace,
while being yet aware.
For God has placed a calling on
the willing, chosen few
in a world that's ravaged by
the plagues that He foreknew!
Thus, we can do boldly that
which we have been assigned
with cautious optimism that
our God will pay to mind
and see the victories that are
Press on, press on, my faithful friend
as, by Him, we're so lead!

So very much to do in a very dangerous world.  We do so not alone, but with the leading and accompaniment of God Most High!  Commit your every step to Him, and He will see to it that You arrive victoriously!

Warning: Political!

Being a man of words, I can shut myself away for a moment and emerge with exactly what you want to hear.  Unfortunately, such has become an art and occupation!  Be careful!

In words crafted so carefully
by ones employed for such,
emotions are manipulated
just for times of clutch!
To actually discern the truth
with any sense of care
requires one be genuine,
and be in constant prayer!

For words are raging constantly
against each other for
our attention, our support
and, yes, for our rapport!
'Integrity' and 'dignity'
have yet become mere 'word;'
and situations come our way
regardless how absurd!

There IS a Power absolute,
and it is NOT of man!
Regardless of one's 'politics'
there is a greater plan!
And His plan is not of this world,
no matter candidate!
He knows what will become, as He's
aware of every fate!

The closer we get to an election, the more we learn about each other...for better or for worse!  Yes, we are to exercise our God-given right to vote, but we are NOT to judge or excommunicate one another whose views differ from our own!  We are all in this together.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

You've Got This!

Once again, busy...busy...busy...  And it does not appear to be slowing down any time soon!  However, that does NOT mean that you have to get caught up in it and allow it to steal your joy!  Just give it to Jesus and continue to press on!

The intensity of living in

the days and times that are;
they seem to stretch emotions, oh,
so very, very far!
What must be taken care of seems
to never, ever end;
fortunately, through it all,
we have a Perfect Friend!
If it were not for Jesus Christ
alive so deep inside,
the cares of life--they would be even
more intensified!
He lives so that we can succeed
and not be overcome...
He lives so that HIS victory
might always be our sum!

Life--in its intensity--
no moment be the same.
Keep Jesus at the forefront and
let HIM receive acclaim!
He knows of the intensity
that comes throughout the day;
perhaps that's why the truth remains:

LIVE ON!  Do so knowing that the way ahead of you is fully known and prepared by Him Who is in complete control.  In Him, you've got this!

Friday, June 25, 2021

That Daily, NECESSARY Visit!

Taking a break from the relentless, I sit out on the deck and part the pages of His Living Word.  ALWAYS is His voice heard as I do so...

As traffic from afar is faintly heard
I listen to the wisdom of His Word
in the glory of the evening burn--
so much of Creator God here to learn!
His Word--fresh revelation every day.
Always concise is what He has to say!
Even as creation glory may wane,
the scenery is anything but 'plain!!'
For it is perfect as He and I commune
here in fading days of summer June.
His Word--so very alive and apropos
for every situation this life may know.
The perfect Gift to us from perfect God.
His every way creation would applaud!

Daily in His Word, His Word alive.
And with Jesus in the heart we shall arrive
victorious at those cultured Gates ahead!
O be saved and you, too, shall be rightly led!

Not a day can pass without a visit with Jesus Christ, The Living Word.  He is God's gift to us to be unwrapped afresh each day!  For therein lies the solution for whatever the day may hold, and True Comfort from the unexpected that comes our way.


Thursday, June 24, 2021

Certain Assurance!

Yes, there is such thing...even in THIS life!  It takes effort to see and know, but it is certainly a necessity these days!

There is an assurance and
a hope that is so real;
it comes from God alone and,
unto ALL, does it appeal!
It so provides a peace that not
a person can explain;
and, fortunate and blessed be all
that, such a peace, contain!
It is provided as this life
gets complicated so.
Success brings notoriety and,
sometimes, frustrations grow.
Few seem there to listen or
to try and understand--
and it is at those times when God
holds out His mighty hand!
He has words that are comforting,
He has a firm embrace,
and, unto them that see this not,
we need to have great grace!
For the stress--it is so very real,
and it strikes without note.
Are YOU going to be there for me
when such words I have wrote?
For far much closer than you think be those
who cannot see The Light
that God Himself put here to help us
make it through that night!

Yes, there IS an assurance.  Can I
help YOU find it, friend?
I will stay beside you 'til
the darkness comes to end.
Together, we will celebrate
the victory of His Light!
Open up.  For I am here
to help you in this fight!

You know who you are.  I am here to tell you that you are not alone, and you don't have to go through this alone!  Even though you cannot see them right now, better days are just ahead.  Please don't give up!

Monday, June 21, 2021

Some think it's "Cool!"

When did it become 'cool' to hide your feelings?  Especially us men.  Why does the world see it as a 'sign of strength' when I am able to press on like nothing affects me?  God is certainly not that way!!  And He FULLY understands the feelings I go through.  Why can't my 'friends' and associates?

Life--it sometimes makes me want to run!
That which people tell me should be 'fun--'
it terrifies, at times, though I succeed;
What is missing?  What is it that I need?
I have the best--for Jesus sees to that!
Sometimes, though, even mountaintops are flat.
Too many I know cannot hear that cry...
The wells inside my face do not run dry.

Oh, hear me!  Do not look the other way!
Hear my heart, not just the words I say!
See my heart--not just my great fa├žade!
Reach out for me, when I cannot reach God!
I know He's here...but it FEELS I cannot reach;
do not be 'surface,' this do I beseech!
For I need you...even if I don't say so!
You have more value than you'll ever know!

For I may not be very good with word.
But I need to know I'm loved and I am 'heard!'
For this may not mean very much to some,
but others...well...let's hasten not look at the sum!
Just be here for me, and I'll be here for you.
We need each other, yes, we truly do!
And that is why God put us all together--
for not ALWAYS will the day have sunny weather!

Cool?  Macho?  Unshakeable?  Untouchable?  No such thing!  I need you.  You need me.  We need each other.  Some of us just may not have the right words to express this truth.  And it WILL take more than 'words' to accomplish this.  Be open to follow Holy Spirit's lead.  He is ALWAYS at work all around us.  I promise you!

What do you see? in America.  Life is perfect every day!  No problems.  No worries.  No stress.  Yea, right!  Only in a perfect world, and THIS world is not it!  For there are folks all around us that are hurting, in pain, in absolute distress.  But you may not know it by the front that they don!  Are YOU available if one of them opens up to YOU?

When life begins encroaching and 

the pressure starts to rise,
I do my best to hide the same 
from everybody's eyes.
Putting on a front sometimes, 
I do my very best,
BUT GOD, but God, He sees it all
and comes to me with REST!

You 'see' the joy and confidence
that you have come to know,
but God sees ALL, and something different
would my being show!
You see my face--He sees my heart
and all that happens there;
and, regardless of our 'fame,'
there are too few to share.
BUT GOD, The Father and Creator
fully understands,
He stands beside me then and holds me
firmly in His hands!
Regardless of the words that come
from them that love me most,
I need God's Words, His comfort and,
in Him, to be engrossed!
And though 'success' defines me, I have
and my Father is the only One
to minister to these!
Sharing with my loved ones, it is
necessary so.
The deepest of my deepest heart,
for they deserve to know.
Embracing Jesus fully, though,
it is the perfect plan,
(even when I'm 'wishy-washy'
when I say 'I can!')
This life is fully-balanced--
sometimes, though, I lose sight,
BUT GOD brings it all into view
and, in HIM, I can delight!

These words may seem foreign to some, but I KNOW they are familiar to far more than we realize!  Be there for me.  Be there for each other.  Be there for God to use!

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Finally, Competition!

Life is serious.  Life is often trying.  Life is definitely hard.  However, God knows all this, and He provides opportunities for us to take our minds off of this life for a season and enjoy.  That said, here come the Olympics!!

Finally, some normalcy--
provided by, of all things, SPORTS!
The world--it gathers once again
and, to the games, resorts!
To take our minds off issues that
have plagued for over a year;
a blest break from 'reality--'
it finally is here!

A variety of athletes...
a variety of sports!
Unto every appetite the 
Olympic Games resorts!
A necessary respite from
the times that we've been through!
So welcome and refreshing watching
competition's hue!

We pray for every athlete, every
coach, each family.
We have endured so very much,
and welcome, it is to see
a competition, a congregation
in a single place!
For such be only possible
by God the Father's grace!

Yes, too long has it been since we have see a 'competition' and be able to root for the home team!  Whether you are a sports fan or not, this is a wonderful opportunity to observe and enjoy something other than '...the same old, same old!' 


Friday, June 18, 2021

NOT 'just another day!'

I got to work this morning, sat down to breakfast with my beautiful wife, and noticed a blond lady in my kitchen that I hadn't seen for quite awhile.  When she got free, I motioned her over and asked who she was and what she was doing 'down here.'  
"Haven't you heard?' she asked.  Steve was having heart problems and was flown to St. Louis."  My heart sunk!  Steve is a year younger than I, and he was involved in getting me the job I have 30 years ago this month!
I thank God daily for Steve, and I dedicate these words to him...

"The very first memory I have of you
is your infectious smile!
The laugh you have is genuine,
and stays with us awhile!
The care you take of your employees
goes so far beyond;
and, of your ethics and attention,
we have grown so fond!

You are MORE than just a 'supervisor'
over many stores,
you are a friend with a giant heart
from which much good outpours!
To know that heart is damaged and
you're absent for a spell,
is oh so very hard to grasp--
emotion to compel!

BUT GOD, He's going to see you through,
whatever time will take;
and, memories, but once again,
together we will make!
Get well, my brother.  Savor rest,
recuperate at will;
when you are ready, we will be here
waiting for you still!"

Steve, I want the world to know: I LOVE YOU, MY BROTHER!  Your personality and techniques are one of a kind, and we are so very fortunate that God saw fit to bind our lives together...and that 'togetherness' cannot come soon enough! 

Thursday, June 17, 2021


I was 'saved' at a bar by having a conversation with a man I was shooting pool with...and he was having a beer!
The Lord once used me to share His gospel with a prostitute who came into my restaurant because she was hungry.  No other restaurant would allow her in, and none of my other guests would sit near her!
If we are going to see unusual and incredible results in our outreach, we must sometimes resort to unusual and incredible means to be of use to Him!  Not ALL 'ministry' happens in 'church.'  (Nor does all 'Church' happen in said designated building!)

"You met me in a place where few
'devout' would dare to go!
You spoke to my heart through a man
whose ways so few would know!
A layer of brick, dining, shooting
pool and drinking beer
revealed 'salvation' to me
years ago...and now I'm here!"

Too often, we avoid a place
'because of what man thinks!'
We cross the street for to avoid
that homeless one who stinks...
we see a call girl on the corner
and go the other way...
of my witness and my calling,
what do my 'actions' say?

If I should be of ANY use
to You or Your outreach,
said 'attitudes' or 'mores' I must
hasten to beseech!
Way too many that I know
would not be caught in sight
of that humble hall where this man
finally 'Saw Your Light!'"

We've heard throughout our lives, we have,
"His ways are not our ways."
Though it is written, it be true
yet even in these days!
For we must turn our backs upon
"...the way it's always been,"
if we are going to be effective
reaching hearts of men!

Yes, it be such a wondrous Truth:
"His ways are not our ways!"
For they are better, they are greater,
thus we give Him praise
for using us the way He does,
enabling us to see
the way He works in hearts and lives 
through people such as we!

Unconventional?  Uncomfortable?  Unusual?  God did not call us to a life of comfort!  Sometimes, the Gospel is messy, it's ugly, it's embarrassing.  I don't recall Jesus ever being concerned about that!  If He can lower Himself to enter the bar of a pool hall to rescue me, what lengths am I willing to go to share the same with others?
Thank you, Mr. Terlizzi, and may God rest your soul!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

What's This For?!

That's how I often feel when I have this pen in my hand and the Presence of God is so incredible that I cannot find words to capture it!  That's how I often feel when I am standing before His glorious creation and it is so beautiful and spectacular that I cannot describe it!  Am I alone?

"Father God, what's this 'talent' for if I
cannot use it for You?
I want to transfer into word
the spectacle in view!
The contrast, depth and richness of
the colors that You use...
the magnitude and subtleties, Lord,
of Your chosen hues?!

Oh Lord, what be this 'talent' for
if I can't use the same
to tell another of Your glory,
majesty and fame?!
If I can't word the subtleties, Lord,
that I see in Your eye
as You walk with me, hand-in-hand,
what good, what good am I?!

But God, I turn the page once more
and hold this humble pen
KNOWING that SOMETHING will come 
from You to bless all men!
For You have yet to fail me as
I yield my hand to You,
and, by the bottom of the page,
a message is from You!
You are so faithful to me, Lord,
but every time I yield!
Somehow, by Holy Spirit's work,
a word or a sight's revealed!
Thank You for this gift, Lord,
dedicated unto You!
'Use it!' be my daily prayer
to bring YOU into view!"

Yes, it is certainly this man's prayer that these words help bring Jesus Christ into view for you and your life!  Consecrated be this pen for His cause, and it will ever be that way...because HE started it when I was around eight years old!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

"What's OUR Problem?!"

That question echoes through my mind as I ponder the lives of those we have met over the years...and look at them now.  I guess the TRUE question be "What's RIGHT with us?!"  Hmm...

Over 40 years ago
I fell in love with you
singing hymns upon the beach--
three years past school...who knew?!
Mini-golf upon the weekends...
breakfast after work...
ups-and-downs of everyday...
somehow, we made it work!

So many decades now behind;
the memories--high and low;
children and grandchildren, too,
continue we to grow!
Coffee in the morning-tide,
each day I sit by you
as we discuss the day ahead
and pray for it anew...

The friends that we have had for years
that 'couples' have become
have found that 'marriage' doesn't work,
and tragic be the sum!
Yet press we on through good and bad
with Jesus at the head.
Though 'life--' it would affect us both,
we just 'adjust' instead!

"What's wrong with us, honey?  We go through tragedy and triumph...hope and despair...prosperity and desperation...and here we are, 40 years later, still in love.  We've got a problem!"


Monday, June 14, 2021

Rest with Him!

Finally, everything is over for the day...and a little earlier than usual!  I will take this time most precious and spend it with Him most precious!

Ah...labor is behind me now,
(however briefly so!)
The benefits to now enjoy
before they quickly go.
I do so as I now discover
season's blatant charm:
the rolling hills...the budding trees...
and nothing to alarm!

The whisper of the afternoon
to carry the perfect 'feel'
as all the sights available,
unto the eyes, appeal!
The bluest sky...the puffy clouds...
the gentle rays of sun...
all precious gifts out of the hand
of The Creative One!
To Him ascends all gratitude
for respite from the toil,
as I have efforts from the need,
my efforts, to embroil
and take as long as I desire
to enjoy His touch!
For this moment away from all
I'm grateful, yea, and much!

Don't forget to ENJOY the time you have when the duties are done.  I know too many who get off work, only to sit and try to figure out how to make tomorrow work.  Tomorrow will take care of itself!  You need rest, and all you must do is ask God for it.  He is more than able to accommodate you!


Saturday, June 12, 2021


So busy are the hectic be the vivid are the signs!  JESUS CHRIST IS COMING!  Are YOU ready, my friend?  It is a decision all must face: the need for Jesus!

"Oh Lord, I need but all of You,

each moment, one and all!
You're beautiful, You're wonderful,
You are my wherewithal!
My Comrade, Friend and Partner,
my Righteousness alone;
I reach my arms out to You,
You embrace me as Your Own!

You are so good, Almighty God!
Oh there is none like You!
No matter how long time will last
You will remain so true!
Your glory and Your Majesty
but everywhere be found;
and where You are, Almighty God,
is ALWAYS solid ground!

Yea, Lord, I need but all of You,
this I have truly learned.
And that need, it will remain
until You have returned!
'SO COME QUICKLY!' be the sovereign cry
of the devoted heart.
You are so very wonderful,

Press on, press on, ye faithful believers!  All the signs and wonders are in place, and the moment of His return is at hand!  BE YE READY!

Friday, June 11, 2021

Solution for the Day!

The start of a new day.  First priority in this man's life is to visit with my Father!  I KNOW that if I go to Him first, the rest of the day will fall into place...even when everything else seems like it is falling apart!

So faithful be the Mighty God
that is like not another!
So loving is the ONLY God
Who's closer than a brother!
He knows the need arising before
we become aware,
and already has solution, of which
He does freely share!

So loving and so wonderful,
so generous and kind!
Another more compassionate
but never will you find!
His visitation is so precious--
constant is the same!
The God of all that ever is--
so beautiful, His Name!

So caring and so loving, even
as we tarry now;
day is done and, time with Him,
this life is to allow?
NO!  But He is Orchestrator
of the very same,
so HE has made this time for me
to magnify His Name!

Time for God.  Sometimes, we have to fight for it, juggle things around, etc., BUT IT IS WELL WORTH IT!  Make that time with Him a priority in your life and that 'struggle' will become less and less!


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Many ways to God?

I am often amazed at the way God reaches people, turns them around and changes their entire life!  He does it in ways that only HE can, and every person's 'route' may differ... but they all going through Jesus Christ!

"You found me in a desperate place.

You brought abundant love and grace!
You knew where I was all along,
yet patient, You--I NOW BELONG!
You did not come with 'discipline,'
You came with love and how to win!
And, at that point EACH man must face,
You gave of Your amazing grace!

No man can say that 'God' he's 'found,'
You're omnipresent--all around!
At any time of day at all
all one must do is simply call
and You are right there when they do
with healing, grace, peace, life anew!
There is no 'finding' to be found
save each new day Your gifts abound!"

'Born again--' no greater gift!!
Each facet of life does it lift
as Christ, the Truth, the Life, the Way
becomes afresh with each new day!
Know Him as Savior, Lord and Friend.
His Presence will not ever end!
And become even more alive--
He 'found' me and now I greatly thrive!!

Are these words familiar to YOU?  It is certainly my prayer that they are!  If not, just call out to Jesus, tell Him that you're a sinner in need of a Savior.  Give your heart to Him and life will NEVER be the same!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

That Most Valuable Name!

JESUS.  No other Name.  Once He becomes your Savior, you will have access to the greatest Gifts that God has ever given man!  And, oh, the benefits of belonging to Him!

When strength has left my body
I call upon His Own.
For there is not a greater source
that, unto man, be known!
All I do is call His Name
when I can move no longer,
instantly He raises me
and makes me ever-stronger!

No matter what this life has done
to this man or around,
His Name makes strength and healing to
abundantly abound!
The Name of JESUS--powerful,
like not another source!
His Name--it is omnipotent
and, in itself, a force!

"Jesus, Jesus, only You
be such a wondrous strength!
Your reign, oh Lord, defies all limits!
It is immune from length!
No other Name that's ever known
more beautiful and fair!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me
and so beyond compare."

No other Name be there ANYWHERE that provides what Jesus and the power in His Name does!  His qualities cannot be compared to anything, because nothing else is PERFECT!  Trust that Name for your own life now, today, even constantly, as He will never leave you or forsake you when You are His!


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

'Ouita Busby'

That may be just a name to most, even a foreign name, but it is a beautiful name to me, one I have known for over 60 years now.  Mom has been in Heaven for several years now, and today is her birthday!  Though some would argue she is no longer with us, I beg to differ!

"We miss you more than ever, mother.
Where have gone the days...
We miss your fellowship, your cooking,
all your unique ways!
We miss that heart that always listened
and figured out a way...
most of all, we miss your presence
and the love such to convey!
However, we have memories,
recipes and such;
and that which will not ever end:
your precious love and touch!
The same to shape our lives each day,
affecting all we do.
Mine accolades for touching lives
attribute I to you!
The way you raised your children, even
through your great career...
the way you treated 'customers,'
I yet consider dear!
For such has put me where I am
in service and in life,
and, along with Father God,
has gotten me through strife!

Today, it is your birthday, mom,
we celebrate you yet,
thanking God for all the years
that we shall not forget!
The lessons, adages and wisdom,
from you, we obtained--
every one who knew your heart,
the very same, has gained!"

All the richer be them that can relate to these words!  Mother, somehow, had an answer or solution to anything that rose up or encountered us.  All the richer be THIS man for yet containing the memories I have of her.  
'Thank You, Father, for blessing life with Ouita Busby!'


Monday, June 7, 2021

His Voice

The voice of God is so real, so evident in this life.  It is heard in so many different forms to the ones that pay attention.  The world would surely attempt to drown Him out.  DON'T LET IT!

"Good morning, awesome Father!
What a glory day You've made!
The rising sun illuminates
and lengthens all the shade
that the happy trees create,
and joy abounds in song
emanating from the lands
that, unto You, belong!
And from those upon the wing
on feeders. on the ground;
Your voice resounds 'Good morning, y'all!'
with such a priceless sound!"

His voice is very evident
to them that tune the ear,
them that use the eyes and other
senses for to hear!
So wealthy be the ones that know
His Presence in such ways,
as mighty blessings they to know
that generate His praise!

Know His voice!  Know that great cause to exalt Him and glorify His Name!  The sources are many to the ones who take time to listen!  GOD IS SO GOOD!


Sunday, June 6, 2021

All in HIS Time

Ahhh...lean back, relax and breathe.  Those events that are coming up are all planned out, you got the time off from work and reservations have been made and paid for.  And then the phone rings...

Plans get cancelled without notice,
out of our control;
some of them of great import!
How, then, to console?
Even that planned months ago
be changed just hours before!
Disappointment surely is,
but, hey, there will be more!
The key is how we handle such
and how we each react.
A toll upon emotions, 
such events, they can exact!
BUT GOD, He sees beyond at all
that we cannot yet know;
therefore, with plans of every kind,
unto Him should we go!
For He can help us through those times
that just may not work out
and He provides encouragement 
that such WILL come about--
all in HIS time, not our own,
and, His, we fathom not;
just make sure faith unwavering,
in HIS plans, we have got!

Yes, plans made certain in our minds
can change upon a whim!
Therefore, it is of most import
to be secure in Him!
For He contains all life and time
and NOTHING is unknown.
Cast your trust upon His ways
because you are His Own!

God knows it ALL.  The what, the where and the when are already settled.  And if we are settled with Him, the bumps and detours upon the way will not be so unsettling.


Friday, June 4, 2021

The Trained Ear

The world is full of 'noise.'  However, it is also filled with wonderful 'sounds.'  Are YOU so disciplined to discern the difference?

So trained, the ear that captures all
the wisdom God would say!
He is not exclusive to
a certain group, per se;
for ANYONE that sets themselves
aside for Him to use,
for they will be recipients
of His commands and views!
And when the day is over and
assignments are complete,
He comes to visit and converse
in ways so real and sweet!

Anticipate such times, as they
are to be valued most;
as this life, it does its best
to keep us so engrossed!
BUT GOD, He has the perfect cure
for all that life would bring!
Trust His ever-living Word
and, to Him, tightly cling!
Great is your reward, therefore,
in this life and the next--
even when this life attempts
to keep the heart perplexed!

Yes, blessed be that perfect Voice
of Jesus to the heart!
And blessed are YOU if, in this life,
you have got a part!
Fortunate, blessed and highly-favored,
them that bear His name!
All of His eternal glory
do we have to claim!!

The trained ear.  It requires effort, discipline and obedience to obtain such, but He is more than willing and able to grant you one if you desire such.  For it is one of His great gifts!


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Pain and Suffering

Week by by day...hour by life goes on.  That 'life' however, is very painful for some.  How can the words of an untrained man, though, make any difference to them that suffer?  Hmm...

I cannot live life by the way I 'feel.'
I must press onward lest 'success' conceal!
The One Who holds me firmly in His hand
knows how I feel and says 'I understand.'
That's why His hands, for they are healing so;
and His healing touch I confidently know!
For when I am not myself He reaches out
and speaks healing so that I am not without!!
No medicine to work as well at all
as the Blood of Christ on which I call!
His love--it understands EACH way I feel,
and so does He respond to each appeal
helping us to rise above the 'feeling,'
lest our emotions and our lives go reeling!

Yes, there is One Who completely understands.
And perfect healing flows from His commands!
And even when I press on through the pain
He makes sure that there is something that I gain!

Are there times that you feel you're unheard?
The task too great?  The pain that is occurred?
Know this: you are not in that pain alone!
For it is felt all the way up to His Throne!
And His Blood--it has already been applied,
for your healing is complete and not denied!
Press on, though, it may not be manifested yet;
He's vowed great rewards and, His victories, you'll get!

Yes, this IS written from experience.  I have suffered and He has healed me.  I am suffering again, but He has not healed me yet.  That does not change the Truth of His Word that 'I am healed!'  For such ups and downs will be until the Trumpet sounds.  For THEN, in That Place, there will be no more pain, suffering or trials.  All will be perfect AT THAT TIME!