Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Time Finally!

Time stands still...or so it seems.  (It's about time!)  For this past week has been so busy with tasks, going here-and-there, and merely 'living!'  But today, today have I time with my wife and God with nothing pressing...

The limbs and boughs are so alive
in the afternoon.
They're calling out for me to come
and fill the feeders soon!
The song has such variety,
such joy to inspire,
igniting in the ready pen
that insatiable fire!
And with the whisper so unseen
they oh so gently dance
before the storms of later on 
have even got a chance!
And while God illuminates
the ever-changing land
with His gentle breath or by
the waving of His hand.

Boughs and branches, so alive,  
and different everyday.
So wonderful--His touch upon
but all things on display!
Enjoy the moment while you can
before the fray returns;
enjoy each moment--for the same
but oh so quickly burns!

Yes, savoring beautiful Wednesday afternoon with my wife and Jesus as we listen to summer's tune.  A few weeks early be said melody, but my God orchestrates it just for such as we!


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