Monday, May 31, 2021

Their Worthy Honor

All over this great land today there are gatherings and happenings to commemorate the lives of them that gave their all.  As you go about your day, recall the ones that YOU know who did the same.

Ceremonies happening
in honor of the brave.
Those in service to our land,
their everything, they gave!
One day a year to honor them?
They are worthy of much more!
Those men and women of each branch
that left for yonder shore.
The sacrifice...the bravery...
they counted not the cost;
and due their exploits and their works
our freedoms were not lost!
Some gave years...some gave decades...
and yet each one gave all--
the finest of Americans
responding to the call!

We celebrate them on this day,
(but not this day alone!)
We thank them for their sacrifices
history has shown!
We bow in silence for them each
before this day is done;
for if it were not for THEIR lives
our lives would be undone!

Memorial Day.  May it NEVER become 'just a holiday in May' each year, but may it ever hold the honor that they are so worthy of!


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