Monday, May 31, 2021

The Unknown Captive

That's what you are if you harbor unforgiveness.  It is hurting YOU the most, and the others involved may not even be aware of what they've done!

Mercy--a necessity
for living every day!
Someone, somewhere will need that mercy
on The Narrow Way!
That which HE provided, (for which
HE fully paid the price,)
we each need to expend each day--
regardless sacrifice!

I know that which was done to me
to cause such grief and pain;
for if I were to cling to it,
then NOBODY would gain!
But if I practice 'mercy' and
make effort to forgive,
(even if one wants it not,)
then I can freely live!

A dark and painful person be
the unforgiving heart.
For one must shun animosity
for liberty to start!
Such may have happened decades past
or just a while ago,
but forgiveness must be known if any
healing is to show.
A customer...a relative...a politician...
even a dearest friend,
I must forgive them from the heart
for captivity to end!
For some, it's not a problem,
while others struggle deep,
but it MUST take place if His rewards
we ever expect to reap!

Some wounds are so old they only pain us when we see that person or situation.  Other wounds are so fresh that the pain still is.  Either way, the TRUE path to healing and freedom is exercising the forgiveness that we are called to.


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