Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Pain

"Some days are better than others."   That is a truth that is universal to all.  Some of us have found that out the hard way.  Some of us find that out still often.  That truth does NOT, however, define God's care for us!

"'I do not feel too good today--
this isn't very fair!
I did what You required, Lord,
now are You anywhere?!
You said all I must do is ask
due to the stripes You bore,
but Lord it hurts!  Words aren't enough
to say how much I'm sore!'

Does such make You any powerless?
Does such cancel out Your Word?
Of course not!  And to even think that
contradicts Your Word!
This life will have its aches and pains
until You come again;
'til then, the Power in The Blood
is offered unto men!
And though I hurt and though I ask,
it's temporary so!
Your healing comes--for this I know,
'twas settled long ago!
It be a very minute price
for everything You are,
and this man suffers not alone
as You are NEVER far!

The aches and pains of living,
the struggles of the same
are but minor price to pay,
Your Presence, for to claim!
The suffering is temporary,
Paradise is NOT;
and grateful be this man that only
minor pains I've got!!"

Sometimes life hurts.  For some, it is a daily battle.  For others, it's a minor 'here-and-there.' But pain is familiar to ALL men, and THE God Who created us is well aware of all we go through and what we must endure, so He provides the Blood of His Son and a PAINLESS eternity!  NEVER take that for granted!

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