Saturday, May 22, 2021

That Restful Moment!

Labors have ceased.  Successful was the day.  Now to enjoy the quiet creation of His handiwork...

Taking in the colors as

accomplished are the tasks.
Giving God the glory every
time somebody asks.
Not too many inquiries, though,
out here in the hills,
especially during these short breaks
while I behold the thrills!

Every leaf is set aglow
by the sun of afternoon,
and its accompaniment this day?
The song of several loon!
Hummingbirds dart in and out
seeking that sweet sip,
and I can feel about me God's
amazing, endless grip!

For it is His creative touch
that captivates me so.
Without His generosity
none of this would I know!
And without His constant care
I would not be at all!
Creator God creating for them
that would heed His call!

Taking it all in--
but where does it begin?!
But one scene at a time...
the constant paradigm!

What a glorious afternoon.  So wonderfully rewarding after such a busy morning!  God is so good!  His treasuries are endless and His generosity knows no limit!  Have YOU found that out about Him yet?

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