Thursday, May 13, 2021

Slowly Disintegrating

So it seems as we read the paper or watch the news.  Or, greater, just watch the way folks treat each other when you got out.  There MUST be more to life!!

"COME QUICKLY!!" echoes from my heart
as we go day-to-day!
Constantly, it seems, roots of
our fabric to decay.
In morals...
in basics of this life...
we know that, in the coming world,
be absent all such strife!
For there, 'life' will be fair for all,
no preference, no bias;
no 'labels' or discrimination
will be the to define us!
No race or class or color be
preferred above the rest;
because Perfection is in charge
we'll equally be blessed!

Oh, come quickly, Lord, we long to be
where nothing is amiss.
In Your Presence, God Most High,
is ecstasy and bliss!
The longer we are in this place,
the more we long for You
and that life of Perfect Peace
and everything anew!
No longer to be in a place
with "...each one for his own..."
but There, where equity in every
aspect, it is known!"

"Yes, even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"  Scripture records it.  Hearts cry out for it.  And clinging to His ways insures it!  Keep that foremost as you go through each day, my friend.  It is the greatest guarantee we have!  And, WITH PURPOSE, be kind to one another.


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