Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Like it or not, God made us to depend on one another.  I have met some folks in my life who say they need no one but themselves.  They are the most miserable people to meet!  How refreshing it is, however, to be able to assist someone with something...AND REWARDING!

In service to each other--
be there a greater call?
By helping one another
we satisfy it all!
I may not have as much as you,
but I can meet your need...
you may not be as rich as I,
but you can intercede!
Our status, though, has naught to do
when a need arises;
and, oftentimes, the answer comes
by way of great surprises!
Oft times, we have it 'figured out'
before we talk to God
only to find He's settled it,
and in ways that seem so odd!
How often have we all things planned
and lived in such a way,
only to find God make 'detours,'
His hand on display?
Turns out, His plan is better and
we got to serve someone.
Reward from such comes from His hand,
and it is much and fun!
But, greater, we were able to
help someone on The Way.
Such glorifies God and far outweighs
but any type of pay!

In service to each other--
it be each person's calling.
Who knows, in doing such, it just
may stop someone from falling?

Serving others.  It most certainly requires denying 'self...' if only so briefly.  No matter what amount of time, effort or resources it requires, God is more than generous when repaying...and faithful!


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