Monday, May 3, 2021


Whoever you are, wherever you go, somebody is seeing you and being affected...for better or for worse!  It's one thing to be who you are and represent a brand or company, but do you reveal God and bring Him glory when you do?
In a world that has become so 'intense' of late, how refreshing it is to encounter someone or some place that 'moves' you in a better direction!

In a place so foreign, learning
something so unknown;
there is so much about me that
is very clearly shown.
It matters not the task at hand,
the duties that need be,
what matters most is 'attitude'
and 'integrity!'
And 'patience' is required in
the sight of everyone.
The same to be the qualities
in audience of One!
For integrity is who we are
when no one else can see.

Make certain that your character
contains consistency!

In audience of one?  For such
is often NOT the case.
However, that same One has got 
each of us in His face!
And what we do and say and think--
of ALL He's well aware!
May we be demonstrations of
His love, His grace, His care.

The world, indeed, seems to be becoming more and more intense...and tense!  May the Joy of the Lord inside of us help diminish that stress and strain that seems to be affecting so many these days.

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