Saturday, May 15, 2021

Plans with Purpose!

Here we are, wandering around this planet, biding our time until the Trumpet Blast.  There is, however, a higher purpose that very few very think about...

God Most High, come as a man,
to go through life as we,
so He could minister to us
whatever we may see!
So that He could empower us
to face all things each day...
so that He could embolden us
to press on--come what may!

And do we, with the boldness and
assurance He provides!
Too many think this world is
"...the power that decides!"
BUT GOD, He is Omnipotent
and has the final say!
Seek His wisdom as you go
about your busy day!
For He knows all and does all as
WE only see so far.
Thus, He watches for us as,
His very Own, we are!
Partaking of His very best
as long as, here, we are,
then to know what we fathom not
in Paradise afar!

Yes, too many folks I know think that God has just set us down here to fend for ourselves and forgotten about us.  However, I KNOW that He has our every movement planned, and victory is already settled!


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