Sunday, May 9, 2021


Just the mention of the word stirs oh so much within us each.  Most of those stirrings are quite pleasant and wonderful, as God has gifted most of us with wonderful mothers.  And so fitting and deserved it be for them to have a holiday all their own!

"As far back as my memory goes
you were already there;
caring and protective arms
embracing me with care.
Through the years, provision and
direction from the same;
all the while, remaining humble
with no glory claim.
But now we glorify you as
we go out in the day
as what you've taught us o'er the years
is clearly on display!
You taught me how to treat my guests
without even trying:
recalling YOU with customers--
on such am I relying!
And seeing how our children treat
the folks who go to them--
I take a breath and feel my grip
upon your apron hem!

Mother--oh the impact that
you carry even now.
I'm so thankful for the qualities
that your years did endow!
We miss you in this life, but so
look for you in the next!
Thanks to you, dear mother, by
so little we're perplexed!

How fortunate you are if you had the kind of mother that I had growing up!  God certainly blessed us with such a woman for so many years!  If yours is yet with you, make sure she receives due credit and accolades while she can still appreciate them.  I promise you, there will be a day when you wish she was!!


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