Tuesday, May 18, 2021


No, that's not just a call for us to clean up our act.  It is a precious promise to look forward to unto them that know Him as Savior!
Are YOU one of them?

"O come, Lord Jesus!  Long we to
go with You to That Place
where is perfection evermore,
and we are face-to-face!
No sickness there, disease or
disabilities exist,
only celebration there
in Your eternal bliss!

With every passing moment, Lord,
that deep desire grows!
Anticipating being with You
as each moment goes!
But serving You these moments, clinging
unto all You are,
anticipating Perfect Presence
is not ever far!

This life is naught without You, Jesus,
as we're pressing on;
clinging to Your promises
that trials will be gone!
And challenges will disappear
as Paradise we see!
the hearts of such as we!"

Jesus is coming!  Jesus is coming soon!  No man knows the day or hour, but The Word assures us that such a time is eminent!  Cling to that truth as you go about your day, my friend.  And, most importantly, BE READY!


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