Thursday, May 20, 2021

His Blessings

In service to the Lord, you encounter the gamut of situations and attitudes.  In a majority of those situations, God turns them around for the good of them that belong to Him, and His glory.  I had to explain that today...

""Oh man, you guys are lucky!'
No, brother, we are BLESSED!'"
I must say very often as, to
His goodness, I attest!  
There is something inside each day
to thank The Father for,
and, if we do, the blessings of Him
find us more and more!  
Too many folks I know would only
think of 'monetary.'
Sure, that comes, but it is often
only 'momentary!'
So vast to be His treasures, far
beyond what can be 'spent;'
and, once one learns this precious truth,
His blessings won't relent!

So what do YOU desire when
you ask Him to be blessed?
Expand your expectations, and
THEN you can attest
unto His generosity
to everyone around,
as, all throughout your every day,
His blessings will be found!

If there is one thing I have learned in this life, it is to NOT limit God!  His ways are far beyond our own, and His blessings to us far exceed our expectations!  

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