Friday, May 28, 2021

Getting Through It

The day contains a plethora of scenarios for each of us to go through.  There is a sure-fire way to get through them in one piece: start each day with a visit to The Throne!

When systems of the world would fail,
God's Word would yet remain!
When systems in my body fail,
He sees me through the pain.
When learned doctors reach the point
they can no longer see,
my Father tells me "I've got this.
For you belong to ME!"

The busier that life becomes
remains He in control.
When man would let down, God steps in
and says "I'll make this whole."
And when He does, it turns out better
than it ever could!
God completes it, looks at me
and tells me "It is good!"

Yea, systems of this world may fail
and man may disappoint.
It is not 'if' but 'when' it be
and He'll be there at that point!
He will help get 'it' rearranged
and properly get done.
Be it a 'system' or a 'person,'
with God, you have it won!

Oh, the priceless assurance of His Presence and watch over each moment of our day!  There be no better way to live!  There be no more successful way to live!  HE IS LIFE!


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