Friday, May 21, 2021


A day off.  Escaping to a place where there is nothing pressing, and there is so much to see and enjoy...

There is a peace amidst the massive
trees of every kind.
Each time I stroll the tranquil grounds
that wondrous peace I find!
Grounded like we cannot know,
they sway in gentle breeze,
and how many are the species that
their reaching arms appease?

There's such peace inside the forest, with
the creatures here within;
as the songs of celebration,
on the wing, begin!
All of life to recognize
the Source of that great peace,
as He is walking by my side,
the same to so release!

Walking side-by-side with Him,
Creator of all things.
You can distinguish each of them
by the way each sings;
and I sing with them unto Him
as we slowly stroll.
So creative is He as
He's in complete control!

Escaping to the serenity of the forest for awhile.  The birds...the trees...the deer...and God Most High!  How wonderful it is unwind this way from the hustle and bustle...and so beautiful!  God and His creation are so amazing!


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