Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Unseen Heart

There is so much going on in each of our days!  We do our best to do our best in each and all situations.  However, in our all alone, what are our thoughts about who and what went on today?  Hmm....

Possessions insignificant;
'status' is the same;
in God's eyes ALL are equal--
if only WE could claim!
It is the heart that shows the most
no matter who we are;
it is the HEART that people see,
and even from afar!
The thoughts and the intents of even
them we hold so high,
the same to be so visible
unto but every eye.
But, greater, how we think or feel
about our neighbor there,
truly shows our heart's intent
and our amount of care.
And that person that I work beside
day in and day out,
what does the heart so deep within
reveal the truth about?

Each and every one must
justify each thought and deed.
There are no secrets at the throne,
for ALL did Jesus bleed!
And ALL must rectify the
attitudes that have amassed
lest, at the sounding of The Trumpet,
our souls may be passed!

A time of celebration is coming!  A celebration that will go on for all eternity!  Before that happens, however, there will be an accounting of every thought and deed done in this life.  Do you have any apprehensions about that?

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