Monday, May 24, 2021

City Streets

Another busy morning.  On my way to get to where I must be, and be with the folks I WANT to be with.  On the way, however, there is one street that I must go down...ugh!

I'm unlike any other...
I am like all the rest...
I give my all like anyone
that I may have the best.
Life itself is not a 'bigot'
when it comes to such;
for discrimination only comes
from the heart...the look...the touch.
I didn't choose this basket,
but it was dealt to me.
I'm smart.  I'm skilled.  I have a life,
but 'homeless' is all you see!
You have decided who I am
without even knowing!
Said 'attitudes' have sealed my fate--
the cycle keeps on going...

I'm unlike any other.
I wear the very best.
That which I drive, it turns the head,
it ain't like all the rest!
But that 'shopping cart' that I drive past
with that man behind--
that was me twenty years ago.
No, I have not gone blind!
The exotic car pulls into churches
and drops off many checks.
Too many see 'possessions' and,
on such, the heart reflects.
Assessing people with your eyes
only brings deception,
and robs you of relationship
and that 'God connection!'

So will you stop and talk with me,
or just drive by, judgingly?
You may miss the opportunity
for relationship that, long, may be!

Again, too often we drive right past the most valuable people because of what they look like, and we end up with mediocre relationships.  May we 'lower ourselves' today and take time to get to know some of 'those' people.  For they belong to God, too, and most of them are quite unique and wonderful!


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