Friday, May 14, 2021

Certain in uncertainty!

These are challenging times, my friend.  Just last week, my friend got a letter in the mail.  The first thing he did was come over to me and ask "Now what?!"  Many of us have received that same visit...

A challenge is before us;

there's so much to decide!
Do we turn around and run?
Do we try to hide?
Or do we see the challenge as
sheer 'opportunity'
to sharpen better us...
that GREATER we should be?

For every 'problem' that we face
presents to us a chance
to sharpen prosper us...
our lives for to enhance!
Beyond this problem we'll be wiser
due His grand design;
we will look back on it, knowing
that it turned out fine.

For in the vast intricacies
of my God's great scheme,
these challenges that rise, 'a problem'
to us they may seem,
but deep growth and prosperity
may come from every one;
see such as you walk with Him
and cry "Your will be done!"

Yes, we are going through a pandemic that NO ONE could foresee given the medical knowledge we have amassed.  So many folks have lost lives, loved ones, money and hope, BUT GOD is still in control, He still has your every step ordered, and He still knows exactly what you need before you even ask!  He knows what He's doing.  Trust Him.  Keep trusting Him...even when YOU get the doctor's report!  Continue to KNOW that GOD'S GOT matter what the reports say!

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