Sunday, May 16, 2021


Jesus is all-in-all.  He can do anything and everything in your life, and He cares to be included in anything and everything in your life.  Is He allowed such reign about YOU?

So deep, so great, so wide the passion 
Jesus has for all!!
We are wary of His 'pockets,' for
He has the wherewithal!
But how often is our focus on
His compassion and His care?
Most folks, they be so insecure
that such brings them a scare!
They are afraid He might discover 
such insecurities;
the things they do or do not do--
So come...and BE YOURSELF in sight
of Him who's seen it all;
let down your guard, avoid façade,
He has the wherewithal!
The sooner you stop running from Him,
the further you will get;
the more of Him You come to know,
the more He will forget!

He's greater than 'the ATM'
for all we want in life.
He wants to join Your celebrations,
not just your grief and strife!
Include Him in your most favorite
of activities;
for God the Father, He so longs
to be a part of these!

Whatever it is that you are doing for fun, for sport, for entertainment, God wants to join you.  Unfortunately, too many only call on Him when something is amiss, going wrong or they want something.  He is much more greater than that!


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