Monday, May 10, 2021


Here we go again...or DO we?!  Out amongst a world that seems to only be out for itself.  There IS a better way and, if you look for it, you can always find it!

Just one day without the drama,

one of love and perfect peace;
so far, today has been that day--
oh, what a great release!
With my Helper alongside
we've lifted up a few,
dispensing love, dispensing hope
since the morning dew!

And we, ourselves, have seen the same
as we have gone along:
neighbor helping neighbor--it is
almost like a song!
For through the morning hours and
the afternoon so cold,
folks assisting one another--
something to behold!

So SHOULD it be throughout EACH day
and everywhere about--
folks assisting one another,
helping each other out!
You have what I need, and I
have something that helps you;
it all would hinge on settled truth:

A thing so rare?  Something to behold?  Oh, but it goes on constantly in all just rarely see it on the news, and those assisting others would likely have it that way!  
Never give up on 'hope!'  Never give up on God!  And NEVER put Him in the 'box of expectations' that you have!  For He is far, far greater than that!

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