Sunday, May 2, 2021

Be that 'light!'

The weekend is over.  How wonderful it is to savor 'rest!'  There is, however, a necessity out there for each one that have Jesus indwelt, and it will present itself as soon as you rise each day!

Glowing embers end the day
that starts the early week.
Knowing and not knowing, it's
His very face I seek.
God--He is most necessary
daily as we go;
and He and I commune before,
to labor, I should go.
And in our conversation, so much
life do we discuss.
So very much of daily
happenings have become 'fuss!'
All the more to fill myself
with that 'Peace that passes all;'
that which infiltrates this man
as Jesus' Name I call!

The day is complicated.  
Let it not be infiltrated
inside or deep within
or just underneath our skin.
'GOD'S GOT THIS!'  It's a fact.
Watch out how you react.
Be 'light' throughout each day
that nothing can take away!

Be 'light.'  Such is our calling as we end our Sunday and begin our week.  Such is our calling but CONSTANTLY!  Let not the challenges that are certain to arise drown out that light!  He is so necessary in this world today!

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