Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Backyard Paradise

Ahhhh...day is over once again, and progress was certainly made.  Now, as I find time to relax, I go to the back deck, recline, and notice


I watch them and rejoice!
The time out in the yard today,
it is a time most choice!
But the hummingbirds are not alone
enjoying this fine day,
the squirrels and all the other birds
have all come out to play!

The squirrels get fed yesterday
after I arose;
the hummingbirds have just appeared,
so I'll mix food for those;
the other feeders all are empty,
so, later, filled they'll be--
the winged ones are reminding me
with glorious melody!

The backyard--so alive with life
and wonderful creation!
The Creator of it all
and I have sweet relation!
He's at my side, enjoying it
as we both converse;
fellowship and words of life
with no need to rehearse!

So simple and diverse is His creation...and so readily available!  God's hand is constantly moving about the land, fascinating and entertaining any and all who would pay attention!

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