Monday, May 31, 2021

Their Worthy Honor

All over this great land today there are gatherings and happenings to commemorate the lives of them that gave their all.  As you go about your day, recall the ones that YOU know who did the same.

Ceremonies happening
in honor of the brave.
Those in service to our land,
their everything, they gave!
One day a year to honor them?
They are worthy of much more!
Those men and women of each branch
that left for yonder shore.
The sacrifice...the bravery...
they counted not the cost;
and due their exploits and their works
our freedoms were not lost!
Some gave years...some gave decades...
and yet each one gave all--
the finest of Americans
responding to the call!

We celebrate them on this day,
(but not this day alone!)
We thank them for their sacrifices
history has shown!
We bow in silence for them each
before this day is done;
for if it were not for THEIR lives
our lives would be undone!

Memorial Day.  May it NEVER become 'just a holiday in May' each year, but may it ever hold the honor that they are so worthy of!


The Unknown Captive

That's what you are if you harbor unforgiveness.  It is hurting YOU the most, and the others involved may not even be aware of what they've done!

Mercy--a necessity
for living every day!
Someone, somewhere will need that mercy
on The Narrow Way!
That which HE provided, (for which
HE fully paid the price,)
we each need to expend each day--
regardless sacrifice!

I know that which was done to me
to cause such grief and pain;
for if I were to cling to it,
then NOBODY would gain!
But if I practice 'mercy' and
make effort to forgive,
(even if one wants it not,)
then I can freely live!

A dark and painful person be
the unforgiving heart.
For one must shun animosity
for liberty to start!
Such may have happened decades past
or just a while ago,
but forgiveness must be known if any
healing is to show.
A customer...a relative...a politician...
even a dearest friend,
I must forgive them from the heart
for captivity to end!
For some, it's not a problem,
while others struggle deep,
but it MUST take place if His rewards
we ever expect to reap!

Some wounds are so old they only pain us when we see that person or situation.  Other wounds are so fresh that the pain still is.  Either way, the TRUE path to healing and freedom is exercising the forgiveness that we are called to.


Friday, May 28, 2021

Getting Through It

The day contains a plethora of scenarios for each of us to go through.  There is a sure-fire way to get through them in one piece: start each day with a visit to The Throne!

When systems of the world would fail,
God's Word would yet remain!
When systems in my body fail,
He sees me through the pain.
When learned doctors reach the point
they can no longer see,
my Father tells me "I've got this.
For you belong to ME!"

The busier that life becomes
remains He in control.
When man would let down, God steps in
and says "I'll make this whole."
And when He does, it turns out better
than it ever could!
God completes it, looks at me
and tells me "It is good!"

Yea, systems of this world may fail
and man may disappoint.
It is not 'if' but 'when' it be
and He'll be there at that point!
He will help get 'it' rearranged
and properly get done.
Be it a 'system' or a 'person,'
with God, you have it won!

Oh, the priceless assurance of His Presence and watch over each moment of our day!  There be no better way to live!  There be no more successful way to live!  HE IS LIFE!


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Backyard Paradise is over once again, and progress was certainly made.  Now, as I find time to relax, I go to the back deck, recline, and notice


I watch them and rejoice!
The time out in the yard today,
it is a time most choice!
But the hummingbirds are not alone
enjoying this fine day,
the squirrels and all the other birds
have all come out to play!

The squirrels get fed yesterday
after I arose;
the hummingbirds have just appeared,
so I'll mix food for those;
the other feeders all are empty,
so, later, filled they'll be--
the winged ones are reminding me
with glorious melody!

The backyard--so alive with life
and wonderful creation!
The Creator of it all
and I have sweet relation!
He's at my side, enjoying it
as we both converse;
fellowship and words of life
with no need to rehearse!

So simple and diverse is His creation...and so readily available!  God's hand is constantly moving about the land, fascinating and entertaining any and all who would pay attention!

Monday, May 24, 2021

City Streets

Another busy morning.  On my way to get to where I must be, and be with the folks I WANT to be with.  On the way, however, there is one street that I must go down...ugh!

I'm unlike any other...
I am like all the rest...
I give my all like anyone
that I may have the best.
Life itself is not a 'bigot'
when it comes to such;
for discrimination only comes
from the heart...the look...the touch.
I didn't choose this basket,
but it was dealt to me.
I'm smart.  I'm skilled.  I have a life,
but 'homeless' is all you see!
You have decided who I am
without even knowing!
Said 'attitudes' have sealed my fate--
the cycle keeps on going...

I'm unlike any other.
I wear the very best.
That which I drive, it turns the head,
it ain't like all the rest!
But that 'shopping cart' that I drive past
with that man behind--
that was me twenty years ago.
No, I have not gone blind!
The exotic car pulls into churches
and drops off many checks.
Too many see 'possessions' and,
on such, the heart reflects.
Assessing people with your eyes
only brings deception,
and robs you of relationship
and that 'God connection!'

So will you stop and talk with me,
or just drive by, judgingly?
You may miss the opportunity
for relationship that, long, may be!

Again, too often we drive right past the most valuable people because of what they look like, and we end up with mediocre relationships.  May we 'lower ourselves' today and take time to get to know some of 'those' people.  For they belong to God, too, and most of them are quite unique and wonderful!


Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Unseen Heart

There is so much going on in each of our days!  We do our best to do our best in each and all situations.  However, in our all alone, what are our thoughts about who and what went on today?  Hmm....

Possessions insignificant;
'status' is the same;
in God's eyes ALL are equal--
if only WE could claim!
It is the heart that shows the most
no matter who we are;
it is the HEART that people see,
and even from afar!
The thoughts and the intents of even
them we hold so high,
the same to be so visible
unto but every eye.
But, greater, how we think or feel
about our neighbor there,
truly shows our heart's intent
and our amount of care.
And that person that I work beside
day in and day out,
what does the heart so deep within
reveal the truth about?

Each and every one must
justify each thought and deed.
There are no secrets at the throne,
for ALL did Jesus bleed!
And ALL must rectify the
attitudes that have amassed
lest, at the sounding of The Trumpet,
our souls may be passed!

A time of celebration is coming!  A celebration that will go on for all eternity!  Before that happens, however, there will be an accounting of every thought and deed done in this life.  Do you have any apprehensions about that?

Saturday, May 22, 2021

That Restful Moment!

Labors have ceased.  Successful was the day.  Now to enjoy the quiet creation of His handiwork...

Taking in the colors as

accomplished are the tasks.
Giving God the glory every
time somebody asks.
Not too many inquiries, though,
out here in the hills,
especially during these short breaks
while I behold the thrills!

Every leaf is set aglow
by the sun of afternoon,
and its accompaniment this day?
The song of several loon!
Hummingbirds dart in and out
seeking that sweet sip,
and I can feel about me God's
amazing, endless grip!

For it is His creative touch
that captivates me so.
Without His generosity
none of this would I know!
And without His constant care
I would not be at all!
Creator God creating for them
that would heed His call!

Taking it all in--
but where does it begin?!
But one scene at a time...
the constant paradigm!

What a glorious afternoon.  So wonderfully rewarding after such a busy morning!  God is so good!  His treasuries are endless and His generosity knows no limit!  Have YOU found that out about Him yet?

Friday, May 21, 2021


A day off.  Escaping to a place where there is nothing pressing, and there is so much to see and enjoy...

There is a peace amidst the massive
trees of every kind.
Each time I stroll the tranquil grounds
that wondrous peace I find!
Grounded like we cannot know,
they sway in gentle breeze,
and how many are the species that
their reaching arms appease?

There's such peace inside the forest, with
the creatures here within;
as the songs of celebration,
on the wing, begin!
All of life to recognize
the Source of that great peace,
as He is walking by my side,
the same to so release!

Walking side-by-side with Him,
Creator of all things.
You can distinguish each of them
by the way each sings;
and I sing with them unto Him
as we slowly stroll.
So creative is He as
He's in complete control!

Escaping to the serenity of the forest for awhile.  The birds...the trees...the deer...and God Most High!  How wonderful it is unwind this way from the hustle and bustle...and so beautiful!  God and His creation are so amazing!


Thursday, May 20, 2021

His Blessings

In service to the Lord, you encounter the gamut of situations and attitudes.  In a majority of those situations, God turns them around for the good of them that belong to Him, and His glory.  I had to explain that today...

""Oh man, you guys are lucky!'
No, brother, we are BLESSED!'"
I must say very often as, to
His goodness, I attest!  
There is something inside each day
to thank The Father for,
and, if we do, the blessings of Him
find us more and more!  
Too many folks I know would only
think of 'monetary.'
Sure, that comes, but it is often
only 'momentary!'
So vast to be His treasures, far
beyond what can be 'spent;'
and, once one learns this precious truth,
His blessings won't relent!

So what do YOU desire when
you ask Him to be blessed?
Expand your expectations, and
THEN you can attest
unto His generosity
to everyone around,
as, all throughout your every day,
His blessings will be found!

If there is one thing I have learned in this life, it is to NOT limit God!  His ways are far beyond our own, and His blessings to us far exceed our expectations!  

Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Like it or not, God made us to depend on one another.  I have met some folks in my life who say they need no one but themselves.  They are the most miserable people to meet!  How refreshing it is, however, to be able to assist someone with something...AND REWARDING!

In service to each other--
be there a greater call?
By helping one another
we satisfy it all!
I may not have as much as you,
but I can meet your need...
you may not be as rich as I,
but you can intercede!
Our status, though, has naught to do
when a need arises;
and, oftentimes, the answer comes
by way of great surprises!
Oft times, we have it 'figured out'
before we talk to God
only to find He's settled it,
and in ways that seem so odd!
How often have we all things planned
and lived in such a way,
only to find God make 'detours,'
His hand on display?
Turns out, His plan is better and
we got to serve someone.
Reward from such comes from His hand,
and it is much and fun!
But, greater, we were able to
help someone on The Way.
Such glorifies God and far outweighs
but any type of pay!

In service to each other--
it be each person's calling.
Who knows, in doing such, it just
may stop someone from falling?

Serving others.  It most certainly requires denying 'self...' if only so briefly.  No matter what amount of time, effort or resources it requires, God is more than generous when repaying...and faithful!


Tuesday, May 18, 2021


No, that's not just a call for us to clean up our act.  It is a precious promise to look forward to unto them that know Him as Savior!
Are YOU one of them?

"O come, Lord Jesus!  Long we to
go with You to That Place
where is perfection evermore,
and we are face-to-face!
No sickness there, disease or
disabilities exist,
only celebration there
in Your eternal bliss!

With every passing moment, Lord,
that deep desire grows!
Anticipating being with You
as each moment goes!
But serving You these moments, clinging
unto all You are,
anticipating Perfect Presence
is not ever far!

This life is naught without You, Jesus,
as we're pressing on;
clinging to Your promises
that trials will be gone!
And challenges will disappear
as Paradise we see!
the hearts of such as we!"

Jesus is coming!  Jesus is coming soon!  No man knows the day or hour, but The Word assures us that such a time is eminent!  Cling to that truth as you go about your day, my friend.  And, most importantly, BE READY!


Monday, May 17, 2021

Accepted Truths

In case you haven't noticed, there is a pandemic that has gripped the entire world!  There are also a major number of folks who deny it, and there is a God Who is well aware of it and has our future in His hand.  Can YOU trust Him with that?

In a room so noisy,
so crowded, too, it be;
conversation pieces are,
(and vary mightily!)
For of the world we live in
some make so many jokes;
and several even yet believe
this virus is a hoax!
Tell THAT to the unfortunate
who've been widowed by such...
tell that to the children with
no parent left to touch...
tell that unto the soldier who 
was diagnosed today...
tell that to the stricken that
come, asking me to pray!

In a waiting room with many
attitudes aloud.
"Oh God, we pray for Your return,
eliminating all 'shroud!'
You are the Truth, the Life, the Way
and, in that Perfect Place,
imperfections all will cease
and we'll enjoy Your face!"

No matter how many 'professionals' attest to the dangers of situations that are, there are folks who refuse and refute settled facts.  I have seen it all my life, and it doesn't appear to be changing any time soon.  We must remain vigilant, however, in pressing on, TRUSTING GOD,  and listening to them that know more than we do.  Can YOU accept that?

Sunday, May 16, 2021


Jesus is all-in-all.  He can do anything and everything in your life, and He cares to be included in anything and everything in your life.  Is He allowed such reign about YOU?

So deep, so great, so wide the passion 
Jesus has for all!!
We are wary of His 'pockets,' for
He has the wherewithal!
But how often is our focus on
His compassion and His care?
Most folks, they be so insecure
that such brings them a scare!
They are afraid He might discover 
such insecurities;
the things they do or do not do--
So come...and BE YOURSELF in sight
of Him who's seen it all;
let down your guard, avoid fa├žade,
He has the wherewithal!
The sooner you stop running from Him,
the further you will get;
the more of Him You come to know,
the more He will forget!

He's greater than 'the ATM'
for all we want in life.
He wants to join Your celebrations,
not just your grief and strife!
Include Him in your most favorite
of activities;
for God the Father, He so longs
to be a part of these!

Whatever it is that you are doing for fun, for sport, for entertainment, God wants to join you.  Unfortunately, too many only call on Him when something is amiss, going wrong or they want something.  He is much more greater than that!


Saturday, May 15, 2021

Plans with Purpose!

Here we are, wandering around this planet, biding our time until the Trumpet Blast.  There is, however, a higher purpose that very few very think about...

God Most High, come as a man,
to go through life as we,
so He could minister to us
whatever we may see!
So that He could empower us
to face all things each day...
so that He could embolden us
to press on--come what may!

And do we, with the boldness and
assurance He provides!
Too many think this world is
"...the power that decides!"
BUT GOD, He is Omnipotent
and has the final say!
Seek His wisdom as you go
about your busy day!
For He knows all and does all as
WE only see so far.
Thus, He watches for us as,
His very Own, we are!
Partaking of His very best
as long as, here, we are,
then to know what we fathom not
in Paradise afar!

Yes, too many folks I know think that God has just set us down here to fend for ourselves and forgotten about us.  However, I KNOW that He has our every movement planned, and victory is already settled!


Friday, May 14, 2021

Certain in uncertainty!

These are challenging times, my friend.  Just last week, my friend got a letter in the mail.  The first thing he did was come over to me and ask "Now what?!"  Many of us have received that same visit...

A challenge is before us;

there's so much to decide!
Do we turn around and run?
Do we try to hide?
Or do we see the challenge as
sheer 'opportunity'
to sharpen better us...
that GREATER we should be?

For every 'problem' that we face
presents to us a chance
to sharpen prosper us...
our lives for to enhance!
Beyond this problem we'll be wiser
due His grand design;
we will look back on it, knowing
that it turned out fine.

For in the vast intricacies
of my God's great scheme,
these challenges that rise, 'a problem'
to us they may seem,
but deep growth and prosperity
may come from every one;
see such as you walk with Him
and cry "Your will be done!"

Yes, we are going through a pandemic that NO ONE could foresee given the medical knowledge we have amassed.  So many folks have lost lives, loved ones, money and hope, BUT GOD is still in control, He still has your every step ordered, and He still knows exactly what you need before you even ask!  He knows what He's doing.  Trust Him.  Keep trusting Him...even when YOU get the doctor's report!  Continue to KNOW that GOD'S GOT matter what the reports say!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Slowly Disintegrating

So it seems as we read the paper or watch the news.  Or, greater, just watch the way folks treat each other when you got out.  There MUST be more to life!!

"COME QUICKLY!!" echoes from my heart
as we go day-to-day!
Constantly, it seems, roots of
our fabric to decay.
In morals...
in basics of this life...
we know that, in the coming world,
be absent all such strife!
For there, 'life' will be fair for all,
no preference, no bias;
no 'labels' or discrimination
will be the to define us!
No race or class or color be
preferred above the rest;
because Perfection is in charge
we'll equally be blessed!

Oh, come quickly, Lord, we long to be
where nothing is amiss.
In Your Presence, God Most High,
is ecstasy and bliss!
The longer we are in this place,
the more we long for You
and that life of Perfect Peace
and everything anew!
No longer to be in a place
with "...each one for his own..."
but There, where equity in every
aspect, it is known!"

"Yes, even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"  Scripture records it.  Hearts cry out for it.  And clinging to His ways insures it!  Keep that foremost as you go through each day, my friend.  It is the greatest guarantee we have!  And, WITH PURPOSE, be kind to one another.


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Time Finally!

Time stands still...or so it seems.  (It's about time!)  For this past week has been so busy with tasks, going here-and-there, and merely 'living!'  But today, today have I time with my wife and God with nothing pressing...

The limbs and boughs are so alive
in the afternoon.
They're calling out for me to come
and fill the feeders soon!
The song has such variety,
such joy to inspire,
igniting in the ready pen
that insatiable fire!
And with the whisper so unseen
they oh so gently dance
before the storms of later on 
have even got a chance!
And while God illuminates
the ever-changing land
with His gentle breath or by
the waving of His hand.

Boughs and branches, so alive,  
and different everyday.
So wonderful--His touch upon
but all things on display!
Enjoy the moment while you can
before the fray returns;
enjoy each moment--for the same
but oh so quickly burns!

Yes, savoring beautiful Wednesday afternoon with my wife and Jesus as we listen to summer's tune.  A few weeks early be said melody, but my God orchestrates it just for such as we!


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Pain

"Some days are better than others."   That is a truth that is universal to all.  Some of us have found that out the hard way.  Some of us find that out still often.  That truth does NOT, however, define God's care for us!

"'I do not feel too good today--
this isn't very fair!
I did what You required, Lord,
now are You anywhere?!
You said all I must do is ask
due to the stripes You bore,
but Lord it hurts!  Words aren't enough
to say how much I'm sore!'

Does such make You any powerless?
Does such cancel out Your Word?
Of course not!  And to even think that
contradicts Your Word!
This life will have its aches and pains
until You come again;
'til then, the Power in The Blood
is offered unto men!
And though I hurt and though I ask,
it's temporary so!
Your healing comes--for this I know,
'twas settled long ago!
It be a very minute price
for everything You are,
and this man suffers not alone
as You are NEVER far!

The aches and pains of living,
the struggles of the same
are but minor price to pay,
Your Presence, for to claim!
The suffering is temporary,
Paradise is NOT;
and grateful be this man that only
minor pains I've got!!"

Sometimes life hurts.  For some, it is a daily battle.  For others, it's a minor 'here-and-there.' But pain is familiar to ALL men, and THE God Who created us is well aware of all we go through and what we must endure, so He provides the Blood of His Son and a PAINLESS eternity!  NEVER take that for granted!

Monday, May 10, 2021


Here we go again...or DO we?!  Out amongst a world that seems to only be out for itself.  There IS a better way and, if you look for it, you can always find it!

Just one day without the drama,

one of love and perfect peace;
so far, today has been that day--
oh, what a great release!
With my Helper alongside
we've lifted up a few,
dispensing love, dispensing hope
since the morning dew!

And we, ourselves, have seen the same
as we have gone along:
neighbor helping neighbor--it is
almost like a song!
For through the morning hours and
the afternoon so cold,
folks assisting one another--
something to behold!

So SHOULD it be throughout EACH day
and everywhere about--
folks assisting one another,
helping each other out!
You have what I need, and I
have something that helps you;
it all would hinge on settled truth:

A thing so rare?  Something to behold?  Oh, but it goes on constantly in all just rarely see it on the news, and those assisting others would likely have it that way!  
Never give up on 'hope!'  Never give up on God!  And NEVER put Him in the 'box of expectations' that you have!  For He is far, far greater than that!

Sunday, May 9, 2021


Just the mention of the word stirs oh so much within us each.  Most of those stirrings are quite pleasant and wonderful, as God has gifted most of us with wonderful mothers.  And so fitting and deserved it be for them to have a holiday all their own!

"As far back as my memory goes
you were already there;
caring and protective arms
embracing me with care.
Through the years, provision and
direction from the same;
all the while, remaining humble
with no glory claim.
But now we glorify you as
we go out in the day
as what you've taught us o'er the years
is clearly on display!
You taught me how to treat my guests
without even trying:
recalling YOU with customers--
on such am I relying!
And seeing how our children treat
the folks who go to them--
I take a breath and feel my grip
upon your apron hem!

Mother--oh the impact that
you carry even now.
I'm so thankful for the qualities
that your years did endow!
We miss you in this life, but so
look for you in the next!
Thanks to you, dear mother, by
so little we're perplexed!

How fortunate you are if you had the kind of mother that I had growing up!  God certainly blessed us with such a woman for so many years!  If yours is yet with you, make sure she receives due credit and accolades while she can still appreciate them.  I promise you, there will be a day when you wish she was!!


Monday, May 3, 2021


Whoever you are, wherever you go, somebody is seeing you and being affected...for better or for worse!  It's one thing to be who you are and represent a brand or company, but do you reveal God and bring Him glory when you do?
In a world that has become so 'intense' of late, how refreshing it is to encounter someone or some place that 'moves' you in a better direction!

In a place so foreign, learning
something so unknown;
there is so much about me that
is very clearly shown.
It matters not the task at hand,
the duties that need be,
what matters most is 'attitude'
and 'integrity!'
And 'patience' is required in
the sight of everyone.
The same to be the qualities
in audience of One!
For integrity is who we are
when no one else can see.

Make certain that your character
contains consistency!

In audience of one?  For such
is often NOT the case.
However, that same One has got 
each of us in His face!
And what we do and say and think--
of ALL He's well aware!
May we be demonstrations of
His love, His grace, His care.

The world, indeed, seems to be becoming more and more intense...and tense!  May the Joy of the Lord inside of us help diminish that stress and strain that seems to be affecting so many these days.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Be that 'light!'

The weekend is over.  How wonderful it is to savor 'rest!'  There is, however, a necessity out there for each one that have Jesus indwelt, and it will present itself as soon as you rise each day!

Glowing embers end the day
that starts the early week.
Knowing and not knowing, it's
His very face I seek.
God--He is most necessary
daily as we go;
and He and I commune before,
to labor, I should go.
And in our conversation, so much
life do we discuss.
So very much of daily
happenings have become 'fuss!'
All the more to fill myself
with that 'Peace that passes all;'
that which infiltrates this man
as Jesus' Name I call!

The day is complicated.  
Let it not be infiltrated
inside or deep within
or just underneath our skin.
'GOD'S GOT THIS!'  It's a fact.
Watch out how you react.
Be 'light' throughout each day
that nothing can take away!

Be 'light.'  Such is our calling as we end our Sunday and begin our week.  Such is our calling but CONSTANTLY!  Let not the challenges that are certain to arise drown out that light!  He is so necessary in this world today!