Friday, April 9, 2021

What is 'Prayer?'

Aaahh...sweet hour of prayer.  Priceless!  But did I spend more time 'praying.' or did I actually 'communicate' with God?  Jesus & I both know that answer and, yes, there is a world of difference!  One merely makes me feel better, the other actually accomplishes things!

"In fellowship with You.
Mere words, they just won't do!
Our time, it MUST be more
than what I'm 'needy' for!
I know You deeply care,
and have all things to share,
BUT GOD, what would YOU say
to me upon this day?
I MUST take time time to 'hear'
if life is to be clear.
And I clearly know Your voice,
therefore, it is a choice
to pause and listen close,
and not just be 'verbose!'
For prayer is not a 'monologue,'
it is a 'dialogue'
that calms, instructs and heals!
Oh so much it reveals
when 'time' is invested,
and I'm caused to be rested!
The HEART to then receive
From You Whom I believe!"

Yes, too busy we become too often, opting to merely submit to God our 'shopping list' to get it out of the way and get on with the day.  BUT GOD HAS MORE!  Do YOU have the time?


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