Friday, April 23, 2021


"Of Biblical proportion..."  
All my life, I have heard that term applied to things that were yet to happen.  Well, here we are witnessing some of those things with our very eyes.  Will it affect YOUR beliefs in any way?

"O bring relief unto us, Father,
from this wretched scourge!
This "virus" that has killed, oh Lord,
we pray that You would purge!
It's changed our very scope of life
in ways we could not know;
and even now, these years ahead,
to You alone we go!
To You alone, because You have
the answer to it all.
Even the most learned doctors
have come to a crawl!
To You alone because The Blood
has NEVER lost its power!
For even them that cursed You, they
cry out to You this hour!

Oh bring relief unto a world
that's seen too much of death.
Relief bring even to Your faithful,
gasping for a breath!
We've failed and we know it,
missed the mark in many ways,
but this we know: You are the ONLY
Answer for the days!

Disaster, hatred and disease-
they plague as You have said.
But Your Word, God, Your Living Word,
sees better days ahead!
They yet may be afar off, Lord,
but grant us a reprieve;
the plagues and scourges that abound,
Your Truth can so relieve!"

Cry out to God with me folks!  These 'issues' that plague us here in the latter days are ones that no mere MAN can do much about.  BUT GOD CAN!  And HE WILL when He sees a contrite heart!


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