Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tragedy Again

Morning anew.  A fresh new start.  Start with visiting God.  Make a cup of coffee and turn on the news...

A brand new morn.  A tragedy.

The details leave us numb. 
Once again, a dear and precious soul
with value to succumb.
Still reeling from events of late,
once more, death has its way.
It is not right!  It is not fair!
But WHO is going to say?

A pattern has developed,
so ugly and so wrong;
I thought that this was settled
in our past--ago so long?
And even then, the trait should not 
have even been at all!
Tell me, who will take account
and who will take the fall?
For these folks, they are not unlike
the likes of you and I;
and, yet, the color or the race
makes mortality so high!
THIS SHOULD NOT BE!  For each of us
are kin to one another--
'race' and 'hue' are 'labels,'
we are sister, we are brother.

A brand new morn...but will this day
be new in any way?
Too many individuals
are set in their own way!
Tradition, prejudice and pride
all rear their ugly head
and, due to such, another precious
soul has wound up dead.

"Oh God, please grant to us a BRAND NEW DAY, a day without hatred or conflict.  A day without prejudice or pride.  For it seems as if we are imploding, Lord, and YOU are THE ONLY WAY OUT!  Please grant us peace and hope as we interact with each other today.
In JESUS' Name,

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