Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Morning Show

Middle of the morning.  Slowly sipping coffee once again out on the deck.  This time, however, God is providing entertainment... 

the day--it is awhirl!
Normally, it would be me,
but, this time, it's a squirrel!
In the trees and on the ground
he scurries all about
gathering up all he can
lest he should go without!

O savor such simplicity
each opportune you get!
Too many are the deadlines and 
requirements to be met!
But not today!  The list is done
and I'm blessed with this sight
as I relax out on the deck
with nature to delight!

'O slow down, time, allow this man
enjoy the moments here.
So very much is happening
that I hold very dear.
Take it in as slowly as I can
will I on this day,
and love the joy of His creation
before it goes away!'

The simplicity of His little creations, scurrying about the property and throughout the trees.  They must know of the thunderstorm that's coming this evening!  I doubt if they're aware that they are providing morning entertainment to the fortunate few who take time to enjoy.  God is so good!


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