Monday, April 12, 2021

Spring's Soundtrack!

Oh, how beautiful the song of Spring is!  Just listen...

The song of Spring awakens me
with tones so sweet and bright.
I rise to seek its source and I
am greeted by The Light!
Blossoms opened everywhere
that were not there last night;
and I am captured by His Highness
as I see the sight!
Daffodils are blooming on
that hillside over there...
roses that are opening
precious essence freely share!
The tulip trees that Alice has
awake and stretch and yawn...
and, already, I can hear and smell
somebody mowing lawn!

The song of Spring--a symphony
with too many to count!
But I praise my Almighty God,
for He knows the amount!
New challenges...
presents He each new day,
and promises to never leave us
all along the way!

Ahh...the melody I've come to know as "Spring."
It cannot be compared to anything!
For all day long He's making it anew!
Oh slow down and taste the smell...the sound...the view!

Yes, the glory of Springtime.  Everyday anew!  So numberless the hues arriving at different intervals...all in HIS order, all in melodious harmony!
"Thank You, Father God, for creating the seasons!"


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