Friday, April 16, 2021

Nothing More!

We got the report from the doctor and, once again, we are at a point where the Blood of Jesus may be all that can help.  But what more need we?!  HIS BLOOD IS SUFFICIENT!

"Oh Lord, my loved one is in pain,
and we've done all we can do.
First, we gathered and laid hands,
lifting them to You.
Knowing and believing that
YOU ARE the Healing One,
and there be naught to match the Blood
of Jesus Christ The Son!

So now, we lift her up to You,
and in You complete.
For You have everything at all,
our every need to meet!
For there is none like You, oh Lord,
no, not any other!
You are The Friend that's closer to us
even than a brother!
And You provide exactly what
is necessary so
that healing and deliverance,
our loved one, she can know!

You are so very good to us,
You Lord, You alone.
Your suffering...Your sacrifice...
Your victory be known!
And Your Blood--that healing fluid
like no other source!
Our loved one do we lift to You--
THE Greatest Healing Force!

We prayed, believed, laid hands on her, now she is in the hands of the doctors.  I have personally seen God work through the hands of a surgeon...even when that surgeon said it may be pointless.  JESUS HAS FINAL SAY, and He has yet to fail!


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