Monday, April 5, 2021

New Life Availed!

Monday morning.  Here we go again with another week?  NO!  Yesterday the whole world changed!  And now, it's time for YOU to decide to change with it!  Please don't let Jesus be overlooked by YOUR heart!

The curse is finally broken!
Once and forever, God Most High,
FINALITY has spoken!
Death, Hell and the grave have lost
the power that they held
by Jesus rising from the dead--
the final curse is felled!

Oh, hear the celebrations through
the heavenlies this day!
Hear the celebrations for
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Hear the shouts and sonnets from
the ones that, here, belong!
A resurrection symphony
from voices glad and strong!!

Yes, it's empty!  It's over!
For death has been defeated!
Jesus came for one and all
and never once retreated!
Accomplishing what not another
mortal e'er could face!
So God the Father sacrificed,
providing all men grace!

Yes, it's over...but has it begun
inside the heart of YOU?
For 'Easter' ended not, my friend,
it waits to make YOU new!
O give your heart to Christ today!
Be truly "born again!'
A transformation like no other,
in YOU, will begin!!

Yes, 'Easter' is for everyone!  It is an opportunity afforded nowhere else BY no one else: new life through Jesus Christ!!  Let it not be an opportunity that you pass up!


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