Sunday, April 18, 2021


Yes, that Most Valuable Time.  Today, it is found in a brief break as I look out across the valley.  I've come here in between assignments to catch my breath, yet God creates scenes that take my breath away!

Calm for to possess the valley
as you look around.
From this point, each hill and canyon
hasn't got a sound.
The February sun performs
and sets it all aglow,
and the voice of God Most High--
the sweetest song to know!

It is the framework of all that will
be happening today.
He sets the tone for all that is
upon the Narrow Way.
I fill me up with His creation
so I may dispense
the calm and quietude so that
this world may be less tense!

Yea, behold the valley glorious,
and His grand creation!
Applaud His Majesty alone
for His constant creation!
And rush ye not the moment, for
the rush will come too soon!
Savor this most blessed moment
have we to commune.

Peace, quiet and stillness...for the moment.  The busyness is all about us, we just haven't entered into it yet.  We don't have to right now.  For He created this time and place to gather ourselves before such.  He thinks of everything!


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