Sunday, April 4, 2021

Miracle Morning

Yes, after the week that was, after the deception, betrayal, torture and abandonment, God Most High has the final word, and JESUS IS ALIVE!

Out of ugliness and agony,
disappointment and the pain,
a morning like no other comes
to be life's greatest gain!!
After the garden...after the trial...
the beating and the grave,
He gives Himself to one and all,
our very souls to save!!

The only way around the darkness
is to go straight through!
And Him Who is Light in Himself,
He makes ALL things anew!
Illuminating our each day
until breath disappears,
then He'll escort us to a place
where absent be all tears!
For THIS world has He overcome
and offers up His life,
KNOWING He's the Victor over
pain and grief and strife!

For we are an 'Easter' people!
"HALLELUJAH!" be our song!
For we are 'in' this world, but to
another we belong!
A world we shall attend one day
but, 'til then' we shall serve;
from the Straight and Narrow we
shall never, ever swerve!

God is so good!  JESUS IS ALIVE!  He has conquered death, Hell, the grave and everything else that this life could ever throw at us!  As we enthrone Him in our hearts, we are enabled to face anything that is in the days that are and in the days to come!


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