Thursday, April 22, 2021

Just be honest with me!

How often do we say or do things in such a way as to not 'upset the cart?'  That's all well and good, but what if it involves the well-being of someone?  If there is something wrong that's serious, why must some try to avoid informing you or 'sugar-coating' it?

I trusted you to answer me
when I asked from the heart...
I trusted in your skills in whole
and not just in part...
and now that it is over with
and things are not yet done,
you answer vague, and I find out
truth from another one?!

'A man is as good as his word,'
I was told when I was ten.
Though fifty years have passed,
it's still how I gauge men!
You call yourself 'professional'
and charge the fees you do,
but when I need an answer I
cannot talk straight to you?!

Everything will come to light
in sight of every man,
THEN will be revealed the motive
of but EVERY plan!
And what you told me at that moment
for 'convenience' sake,
the very same, your legacy,
it may or may not make.

All too often, I get asked by a 'friend' to go with them or to help them talk to a friend or loved one.  I AM NOBODY!  IF they are a true friend, they will receive you, what you have to say and you can discuss it, settle it, or comfort one another.  Because TRUTH needs no defense!

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