Saturday, April 3, 2021

In Between

The days and moments 'in between.'  Sure, WE have The Word of God alive in our hands so we know what it was like, but what about the friends and loved ones Jesus had back then?  What did they think?  How did they feel?

How do you go on when "hope"
is all that you can clasp?
Can one progress when all that's happened
one can barely grasp?!
"He raised up others from the dead,
Himself He can't protect?!"
I'm sure that thoughts as these abounded
as I retrospect!

The time between that wretched Cross
and empty sepulcher--
Confusion...anger...pain and wonder--
such times they surely were!
For Sunday morning wasn't yet,
and all they had was a word;
for who could have imagined what
great miracle be occurred?!
Some had ideas, as a guard
was posted at the tomb!
Imagine, in the prior hours,
the pain...the grief...the gloom!
But Sunday morning's just ahead
and all of that would change!
A joyous scheme that only
God the Father could arrange!

Don't give up.  Don't ever give up!!  No matter how hopeless the situation appears, regardless how painful the past has been, JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!  The Everlasting Joy that nothing of this life can affect!

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