Tuesday, April 6, 2021

His Performance!

Done with the duties of the day...once again.  And, faithfully, God meets me wherever I am to help me relax and dazzle me with His great creation...

Beholding yet again the wondrous wonder!
Said term to differ unto every eye!
Today for to include the distant thunder,
billowing so in the southern sky!
Not only does such glory seize attention,
it reminds that later on will not be dry.
As I study it, I pay attention
unto The Greater God beyond the sky!
Such, however, is not the only topic,
(as great relationship have such as we,)
there is no topic 'tween us that's forbidden--
I love to hear from Him and He from me!
For I am blest with open conversation
With Him Who is Creator of all things!
We talk, converse and visit with such freedom--
with or without words or, sometimes, sonnet rings!

And song develops as I watch the weather
in the whisper of the afternoon!
As I see and hear His great creation,
deep, so deep, there generates a tune!
A song that is yet even when NO sights are--
for it is God Most High inspiring such!
Whatever would be in the scope of vision,
it's created or enhanced by His great touch!

Yes, again, singing with God in the afternoon!  What a way to unwind from the day!  He graces with His Presence as He creates wondrous vistas to capture the vision!  He is so good to me!


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