Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Greetings, Life!

LOOK!  Up there on those limbs!  New life!  Listen!  Tune out the bustle and hone in on that precious, sweet sound coming from all directions...

The buds upon the branches--
they are promises, you know?
His vow to us new life will be
in just a week or so!
Even though the snow remains
upon those peaks afar,
He places promises about
that LIFE, it is not far!
Just listen to the little birds
in song but on and on!
Their joyous melody persists
though chills may not be gone!
They know He's bringing life anew
in every shape and form;
they sing to me to so remind
that, soon, it will be warm!

Do YOU take time to hear and see
that 'life' will be once more?
Do so!  And your day will be
but all the better for!
His signs--but they are everywhere,
we must but take time out!
His glories, they are wondrous to
the knowing and devout!

'Spring!  O come ye glorious season with all your color and new life!  You are most welcome after the winter that we've been though!  After ANY winter that we go through, God's new life is so refreshing and so welcome!'  
"Thank You for creating the seasons, oh Father!"


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