Thursday, April 8, 2021

Greater Happenings

In realms that mortal can fathom not, there is a celebration going on!  In a place that is immune from time, angelic beings are in constant adoration of His Majesty!  We can do the same here, too!

All the elders, people, all
that occupy That Place,
they all bow down in unison
to Jesus--King of Grace!
"HOLY!  HOLY!" is their song
that hasn't got an end!
And WE will join that glory throng
as soon as we ascend!

But we can join them NOW in worship
anywhere at all!
For we are yet victorious
as answer we His Call!
Jesus--Son of God Most High--
unending joy affords
to all that crown Him King of Kings,
and call Him "Lord of Lords!"

Of a truth, the time will come
when EVERY knee will bend.
Oh, do so now with willingness
while Jesus Christ be 'Friend!'
Don't wait until that Judgment Day
when such be done by force.
For in that awful hour not
a man will have recourse!

O but right now, as that glory song
throughout the heavens rings,
my friend, please make sure that YOUR heart
is one of those that sings!
That song--it is life-changing as
you give to Him your heart!
From your side, the God of living
NEVER shall depart!

No matter what trial, tribulation or hell is waiting in the distance, Jesus Christ alive inside of you will get you through it unscathed!  Trust Him with your heart today!

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