Friday, April 2, 2021

"Good" Friday?

In a lot of ways, we look back into our history and wonder 'what was so GOOD about it?'  At least for Jesus!!

Somewhere out in the wilderness,
conscious, still, somehow...
enduring all the suffering,
fulfilling the ages' vow...
the Epitome of Love hangs there
upon a wooden cross--
in the eyes of earthly man
it would appear such loss!
But in the eyes of eternity
it is the highest gain!
Though it involved the highest toll
of suffering and pain,
Jesus Christ--the Son of God--
yet, the 'easy' way availed Him,
for US He refused!
Even those so few around Him
ridiculed His feat,
but little did they know that this
would make their lives complete!
And who could see that VICTORY 
was only days ahead?
The Father knew, but had restraint
as Christ hung there and bled.
Hanging there--so you and I 
would have abundant life.
No 'earthly' man could have withstood
such torture, grief and strife!
But God Himself became That Man
and came as Christ the Son
that, once and for forever, it
could be said "IT IS DONE!"

Yes, He hung there for every man for all of time for as long as it took to complete the work--the work that no other 'man' could complete.  How fortunate and blessed are we to have Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior!


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