Friday, April 30, 2021

Glory of the First

Ahhh...the glory of the first of day!  May you not be in such a RUSH to get through it that you miss the glorious touches God has placed upon it!

Morning comes so silently
and peeks above the range...
season comes so silently
with many a-subtle change...
for in the early, in the stillness
be almost no strife,
but activities ablaze about--
for such is country life!

The stillness, it is broken as
the doves arrive about.
They bring their sweet and subtle song,
it's echoing throughout;
the animals of overnight
begin to disappear.
So fortunate be those who rose
while we could see the deer!

And Jesus comes to visit in
the quiet and the calm.
We talk awhile, even though
He holds me in His palm.
Already day is ordered, but
He wants to hear from me;
and He gives so brief a glimpse of that
which will be certainly.

Morning of a day that will
contain variety.
God comes to makes sure that I am
prepared accordingly.
In doing so, He shares some wonders
that none other can!
o blessed and highly favored is
this humble, wealthy man!

Yes, WEALTHY be any and all that can rise and discern His Presence and His touch so early.  What a valuable time of day!  Don't waste it fretting over what may or may not be, leave that to God.  For He IS in control!

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