Sunday, April 25, 2021

Facing Reality

That IS truth, but can you cry that out AT ALL TIMES?  I promise you, there is whole world out there with a mask on because they are going through something that they feel no one has been through before, or wants to hear about...

Do you know the struggles I go through?
They may not be that different from you.
Just make the time it takes to acquaint me.
You may be surprised how similar we be!

That trauma you've been through?  Well, so have I!
At times, I need someone with whom to cry.
No advice...but just a listening ear,
and just the knowledge SOMEBODY can hear!

You've been through THAT?!  Well, I have years ago.
My biggest fear was that somebody would know!
But once I shared it with a trusted FRIEND,
those fear and nightmares slowly came to end.

Yes, I still struggle every now and then.
But Jesus seems to know exactly when,
and He sends someone along to share my need.
If ever there was, He is a FRIEND, indeed!
And so am I.  You have my number there.
You can call anytime, anywhere.
I may not have just what you need to hear,
but know ye this, you'll have a captive ear!

Too often, we find 'friends' who only want to be there when everything is great and only want to hear the 'good' things.  But listen, there is more to life than 'good' things!  And we ALL need each other AT ALL with it!


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