Thursday, April 29, 2021

But I can do SOMETHING!

A brand new day begun. A brand new day completed. Accomplished be a task that reminded this man, once again, that I'm not all I used to be! When my body starts reminding me I am no longer young, I walk outside amongst the stars that He so smartly hung. I think about the Evening Star with all the stars so bright-- regardless of the age of them, they yet emit their light! When my body starts reminding me I can't do all I could, I stop and look back on it all and realize LIFE IS GOOD! For there is much I yet can do that other folks may not; and grateful even more I be for all that I have got! Yea, when my body starts to drop those hints 'I'm not all I once was,' more grateful does this man become for everything God does! He compensates, and even more, His blessings so abound! And no matter how my body feels, in Christ, relief is found! As day after day goes by, so does life. So live it to the fullest for as long as you can! And after that, do all that you are capable of doing! For even a simple phone call to someone on your heart can make a difference. 9356

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