Monday, April 26, 2021

Before it all Begins

I rise, get my coffee, and join my Father once again out on the deck.  Look out over the hills and valleys, so bursting with sound and color!  Yes, Spring has sprung!

As the fog begins to lift,
sprngtime to reveal!
The glorious spectrum coms to light
that winter would conceal.
And, absolute evidence of season,
one finally can 'feel'
as the temp drop overnight
was so subtle, so unreal!

Life seems to stop as God comes by
for daily visitation.
He does so for each person who
has personal relation!
The more we talk, the panorama
is further to expand,
as if He pulls the curtains back
with His mighty hand!

His blessed visit clears the head,
decluttering the mind,
making 'sense' and 'understanding'
easier to find!
Alone with Him, His wondrous Presence,
oh so full and free!
Nothing to distract from His
intense immensity! 

This precious, sacred time so early to start the day.  There be no better way!  The sights, the sounds, the scents of new life as one looks about!  And God, Creator of it all, desiring conversation and communion before we step out into the busyness of business.  WE ARE SO BLESSED!


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